Verses of Athine

Verses of Athine - Shannon McRoberts,  Tiya Marshall,  Traci Bock Being a collection of all four parts in The Daughter of Ares series, this is not a short read. Luckily, it's interesting and full of great characters, making this a wonderful fantasy book.

Mixing Norse and Greek Mythology is certain to make for an epic plot. With rich histories and backgrounds plunging into both areas of myth, Shannon McRoberts does a fantastic job of creating a new story out of old legends. Full of mystery, secrets, suspense, and quick adventure, this story keeps you second guessing an on your toes.

This book follows Athine, daughter of Ares, and tells her story, from her childhood, to her connection with our world. We meet a wide range of characters, including the descendants of humans with dragon blood, descendants of dragons themselves, mermaids, most of the famous Greek gods, several Norse gods, vampires, and many humans. Watching history unfold in this magical realm is sure to satisfy the imagination of any fantasy fan.

The writing style took a few chapters to grow accustomed to, but is wasn't bad. Like most fantasy stories creating an alternate reality/realm/universe, there were a lot of names and places that were unique. It had a lot of dialogue and history, but still had action and adventure to keep the story flowing at good pace.

Overall, I really liked this book. With dynamic characters and extraordinary challenges, this story has done a great job of tying in the myths of Olympus and Valhalla with our own history. I would recommend this story to any fantasy fan.

*I was given an ebook copy of this book, from the author, to read in exchange for an honest review.