Nandana's Mark (Queen of the Realm of Faerie, #1)

Nandana's Mark (Queen of the Realm of Faerie, #1) - Heidi Garrett What a wonderful world to get lost in! Filled with mystery, secrets, honor, and family-tension, this is a story that doesn't disappoint.

There are many characters that take the lead in this book, all circling around the progressing story. I enjoy books written in various points of view, while keeping the story going, and this one is written very well.

I enjoy the characters quite a bit, and Melia certainly makes my top list of strong female leads- she's a fighter, brave and confident, and she follows her heart. While Ryder's appearance in the story wasn't as often as I think it will be in the sequel, he's certainly a strong character, and his desire to do what's right, no matter what, makes him endearing. I very much enjoy the relationships between all the fairies, and other magical creatures through-out this story.

The challenge to stop a darkness that threatens the light is often a theme in fantasy stories, and this is quite an interesting take on that plot. It's deep and real, and mixed with creative writing, this book pulls you in and leaves you wanting to know more.

I'd recommend this to any fantasy or fairy-story lover, you won't be disappointed.

*I was given an ebook copy of this book, by the author, in exchange for an honest review.