A Blue Moon

A Blue Moon - Vanessa A. Ryan This book was ok, although certainly not my favorite, and not one I plan on reading again. The danger surrounding the mysterious medallion Lorrie acquires is interesting, but somewhat lacking in substance. I don't completely regret reading this book, but I am glad it's over, and I somewhat feel like I've wasted my time.

The characters are unique and interesting, in their own ways. What I didn't care for, however, was the way they were written to interact with each other. The quick presumptions they each made, and the ridiculous reactions to psychotic behavior wasn't believable at all. I don't think most people would come across the kind of behavior Lorrie dealt with and say “hu, that was odd, he must just be a little off today.” It was difficult to keep reading this book, because of the unrealistic aspect of the characters and the situations that kept unfolding as the story progressed.

The main things I didn't care for much, were:

1) The repetitive conversations about real estate. In my opinion, reading about someone's rental agreement and real estate issues isn't very entertaining, when you're reading fiction. I think the attempt was to bring in a sense of reality and normalcy. In the end, at least for me, I found myself wanting to skip ahead several pages, and just get on with the story.

2: No where in the summary, did it mention being a horror book, with gore and excessive violence. That wasn't a surprise I appreciated. I think that should be noted somewhere in the synopsis, so readers are prepared for what genre they'll actually be reading.

The writing itself wasn't bad, although it's not something I'd rave about. The plot seemed thin, the end has me pretty confused, and seemed thrown together quickly and slightly sloppily. With the tedious, boring conversation as filler to cheap gore, the end result was a mundane book.

I wouldn't necessarily recommend this book, but I wouldn't say “don't read this” either. If it looks interesting to you, it may be worth a read, and you may like it better than I did.

*I was given an eCopy of this book, from the author, to read in exchange for an honest review.