Frailties of the Bond  (NEO Chronicles, Characters Revealed #1) - Angela     Brown What really intrigued me about this book, in the beginning, was the cover. The blurb and synopsis convinced me to read it, but with such an interesting cover, how can you not be curious? It's not every day you see a guy with white hair and a peacock design on his side...

I have to say, I'm glad I read this book- it's the start of what I'm sure will be a very interesting series. Laying the groundwork for a creative adventure, and introducing unique characters, this book effectively hooked me from the start. The plot reminds me of a mix of Percy Jackson and Twilight (without the drama, and luckily for us, no sparkling...). With Ancient Grecian style god and goddesses, shifters and vampires who don't enjoy killing humans, the author beautifully blends several popular themes together for an exciting new story. Well balanced with action, humor, and some light romance, this book promises an exciting series.

The characters are quite interesting, being unique from other stories, while still being sentimentally familiar. The side characters don't take up too much of the book, but help move the story along. The main characters we focus on are Aimee and Luca (don't you just love that name??) who are both amazing. Move over Jacob, Luca is the new shifter on the block, and so he should be! Perfect in his mix of strength and kindness, Luca is certainly my idea of the quintessential male-shifter lead character. Aimee is, in my opinion, the perfect vampire heroine, and a wonderfully strong female lead character. Tough and kind, she knows hardship without being openly bitter. These two are perfect together, and while their love happened quick, it's wonderful.

Overall, this book is one I really enjoyed. I did take away a rose because there were some characters and groups who were just thrown in, and it didn't make much sense for them to be there. They were made to seem important in the beginning, but then just disappeared, which made the read somewhat confusing until it was obvious they just dropped out of the story, and I stopped looking for them. Other than that, it's a good book. I really enjoyed the writing style- I love a story where the point-of-view alternates between the two main characters. It was laid out very well, flowed pretty easily, and added depth to the quick read. This is a book I would recommend, and a series I hope to continue reading.

*I read this book for the author, in exchange for an honest review.