Dracula: Hearts of Stone (Dracula #1)

Dracula: Hearts of Stone (Dracula #1) - A.J. Gallant Wow- this is truly one of the best books I've read in a very, very long time.

I absolutely love the way Dracula is depicted in this story- he's comical, and deadly serious at the same time, which is just a perfect mix. The characters he has around him simply add to the humor and depth of his ancient personality.

Seeing life from Dracula's point of view is just great- having lived for thousands of years, he is quite a character, and it isn't hard to imagine that life would hold very few flickers of interest for him any more. Watching the spark of life come back to him throughout the book was wonderful, and it was interesting to find myself siding with him, and feeling sympathetic to his situation.

Watching stories unfold for several other character is really neat as well, and adds a layer of depth that I haven't seen in many books. It gives the story a sense of reality- not being entirely focused on one character, but seeing how they all effect each other, and come together in the end.

It is certainly graphic in some areas, but not in a way that made me want to stop reading. Non-traumatizing graphic, if you will. It really shows a more "natural" side to the struggle between both vampires and humans, and also among the different kinds of vampires, either good-hearted, or evil. It's a refreshing reality to a vampire story, and while dark, it is entertaining.

The writing style is difficult to get used to, at first. It's written like a screen-play, as if you're watching a movie unfold in somewhat disjointed scenes, from the points of view of several different characters. It's quite a unique way of reading a story. While the depth of the book and writing take some adjustment, it is completely worth it. The ease in which the author depicts his characters and scenes is amazing- his colorful vocabulary and descriptive imagery make it very easy to get lost in the world that's been created.

I thoroughly enjoyed the twists and turns, and the ending is superb- a complete surprise!! I am excitedly looking forward to the next book in the series.

I certainly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys vampire and/or dystopian stories. With action, comedy, suspense, and mystery, it's a very well rounded book, and has the ability to leave most of it's readers thoroughly entertained, and wanting more.