Brightest Kind of Darkness (Brightest Kind of Darkness, #1)

Brightest Kind of Darkness (Brightest Kind of Darkness, #1) - P.T. Michelle,  Patrice Michelle Classic good against evil story, but with a new twist. This story is just wonderful- a refreshing take on an old plot.

This book has everything you could want in a story- mystery, wonder, suspense, romance, sports, courage, and trials that test friendships and family to their limits...what's not to love!?

I, for one, loved this book. Most of the stories out there these days are good vs. evil, in some way or another. What if the evil, is Fate itself? How would you fight Fate, especially when it's holding a personal grudge against you, and has become deadly dangerous? In this story, Nara and Ethan do.

The special gift Nara has is certainly an interesting one, and the mystery surrounding Ethan is intriguing and exciting- he certainly has more to him than we know about yet. I love their relationship and personal growth as the story progresses. They're both lost and lonely, and find that they truly need each other, more than either of them can imagine.

I can't wait to read the sequel, and find out more about each of these characters, and see what happens next, in their fight with Fate. I'd certainly recommend this book- it's exciting, and certainly leaves you wanting more!

*I was given an ebook copy of this book, by the author, in exchange for an honest review.