Dark Eyes

Dark Eyes - Jamie Campbell I didn't find this book to be entertaining. I see good ratings from other people, but I'm not sure why. It's taken me several months to even be able to come back and write an actual review. The only thing I was able to think after reading this book was "...that was stupid..." and that was my review til now. I've shaken off the shudders from this book, and can now write an honest review, so here we go...

The characters aren't very deep, especially the main character. The plot was thin and underdeveloped, and didn't have much of a point. The writing was alright, but it seemed very much like it was written by a high school student, trying to write an angst and emotion-filled short story for a literature class.

While reading the entire book, all I could think about was how it seemed like a bad attempt at writing a spin-off of Twilight. While he's not a vampire, his dark, death-filled eyes, and the danger she's in around him, because he'll have a strong desire to kill her for no reason other than blood-lust, seem a bit familiar. Not to mention shallow, when that's the entire story! Nothing else! We simply get to read her hormone-filled thoughts about what she wants to do with/to a guy who wants her to leave him alone. It's infuriating...

The biggest thing that made me cringe, was the immaturity of the writing, and the oozing, pointless drama. She's "drawn" to him for no apparent reason, and starts obsessing about him. He tells her to go away, she says no and lusts after him, while he, in return, lusts after the desire to kill her. She almost dies because of her stubborn obsession, but at least she gets that passionate, hormone-filled kiss! Ugh. Very dramatic, and not much depth or sincerity behind the plot and characters.

Overall, this story just didn't seem realistic or believable. By the end, I was just confused and shaking my head, and it felt like a waste of time.

This isn't a book I'd recommend. The only reason I gave it two stars instead of one, is the fact that the author is a good writer, in the basic sense. The story flowed well, and the writing was good. I'm planning on reading other books by this author, and hoping those are deeper and more satisfying.