What Will Be...

What Will Be... - Loralei Maiden Being a fan of werewolf stories and novels, I was excited to read a book with a female werewolf lead. I was hoping to enjoy it as much as I enjoyed the Nighshade series, by Andrea Cremer. Unfortunately, I didn't care for this book that much.

The lead character, Roxy (which is a name that, I'm sorry, just personally makes me shutter...) seems to be overly conflicted. and not as down-to-earth or as tough as you'd typically hope a werewolf to be. Granted, she's a teen girl, but I was hoping for a little more tough-girl, and a little less drama-queen.

The lead guy was irritating, although he fit the idea/image of a werewolf alpha-to-be. In truth, I'm not really sure why Roxy made the choice she did, because I liked him a whole lot more than the beta-wolf. It seemed like the drama she created, was all in her head, and she ended up going through a whole lot of hardships because of it.

The plot, as a whole, seemed a little shallow, and didn't seem very solid or well-founded. It seemed very much like an emotion-filled daydream of a teen girl, but not realistic or very believable. The last quarter of the book was your typical "keep them guessing til the last line" kind of thing, which was probably my favorite part of the book. It had the most thought and creativity put into it, and while it's not the ending I would have chosen, it's the only thing that kept me from completely regretting reading this book.

Bottom line: it's not my favorite story, and while it's not atrocious, this isn't a book I'll read again. My recommendation would come with hesitancy, and I'd really only recommend to people who love werewolf stories enough to overlook the shaky plot.