Crimson Sunrise - Renee Rearden As with the first book in this story, Moonlight Blue, this plot is highly intriguing. Picking up right where Moonlight Bleu left off, this book is fast paced and full of adventure, with the mystery and danger kicked into full gear. This suspenseful sequel continued following most of the main characters from the first book, as well as introducing a whole cast of new characters, filling the story with fresh excitement.

As the sequel to an adult fantasy romance novel, this book had many more adult scenes than the first. The personal and romantic relationships between several characters were much more in-depth, showing us the layers of the growth the main characters went through. The thrilling adventure, mystery, and personal story with the three main characters, made this book a quick page-turner.

As with the first book, this story was very well written. Renee Rearden did a fantastic job of creating a complex and entertaining story that moved quickly. While I personally don't care for the adult nature of some of the scenes, this book was interesting enough to keep me reading past those areas, and still ended up a satisfying story. Overall, I enjoyed this book, and the story itself, and would recommend it to any adult paranormal romance fan.

*I was given an ecopy of this book, from the author, to read in exchange for an honest review.