Vanish: A Firelight Novel - Sophie Jordan What a fantastic continuation of Jacinda's story! This is an amazing sequel to Firelight, and I can't get enough of this adventure! It's left me completely excited for the third installment, and wonderfully nervous about the conclusion of this series.

The characters, just as in the first book, are all wonderful. They've all grown so much, and changed in ways I never would have guessed. I adore the relationships that have built between each character, especially between Jacinda and Tamra. The twists and turns that this book has taken the story are all exciting and wonderful. This is the way a sequel should be written, and this story just keeps getting better!

I took off a star because of some elements that I personally didn't care for, but this book and series are for sure one's I'd recommend to anyone. If you liked the first book, you'll love the sequel!!