Wolfsbane - Andrea Cremer I absolutely loved the first book in this series, and was excited to read the sequel. Luckily, it was even better than the first book, and didn't disappoint!!

With the addition of the Searchers, this book added a whole new layer of adventure and action to an already intense story. I love all the Searcher characters as much as I loved the Guardians. The way they play off each other and deal with each other is fantastic, and completely addicting.

All the characters ended up facing huge personal challenges, and were all forced to grow and make hard decisions. The changes in Calla were especially wonderful, making her an easy lead character to connect with and follow. Some of the character developments were expected and a relief, while others were a total surprise, but still completely amazing.

The writing, as in the first book, is awesome. Flowing quickly and easily, Andrea Cremer sweeps her readers along an intense and action-packed adventure. This is a book I'd highly recommend to any YA paranormal fan, and is one that's left me highly anticipating the third book!