The Iron King - Julie Kagawa Wow, this book is simply fantastic! I had never read a book with Faeries as the main characters, before a friend suggested this book to me. Faerie stories are now very high on my list of books to look for! I'd certainly recommend this book, and I can't wait to read the rest of the series!

I adore all the amazing characters! Meghan is a good lead character, and while she did annoy me a bit, and has some courage issues, I think she's probably realistic. Ash is everything you'd want in a cool, brooding, bad-boy Prince. The perfect personification of a mysterious and elegant Prince Charming. On the complete opposite side of that coin, is Puck, and Puck is completely perfect! He is certainly my favorite male lead character, probably of all time. Grim is just hilarious- also one of my favorite characters now! The side characters are all also fantastic, and all mix to create a wonderful world, and great story.

I love this story and plot. The take on Faeries, and magic, and imagination is amazing, and something I enjoyed a whole lot more than I expected. All the twists, turns, and mystery are simply addicting, and left me craving more, long after the last page! It has a perfect mix of action, humor, romance, and of course, glamour.

What surprised me most about this book, was the deep message. That technology and our modern civilization is slowly killing imagination, and the magic children hold in their hearts. It is truly a profound message, and certainly gives me a lot to think about. Gives new meaning to seeing children play on cell phones, instead of outside with sticks and imagination...