Matched - Ally Condie When I first read this book, I was fairly new to the dystopian genre. I had read some classic books that fit in that genre, but nothing modern. The interesting synopsis and gorgeous, intriguing cover had me interested pretty quick. I didn't know what to expect, but this book officially got me hooked on modern dystopian novels.

Experiencing the future world Cassia lives in, as well as learning about the events that happened to get them there, was completely fascinating. The thing I loved the most, was that it wasn't very far fetched! A safe, controlled civilization, living completely dependent on the Society (government) and living in a neat, orderly bubble. It seems amazing that something as simple as a supposed glitch on a computer screen could change everything for Cassia, but it does, and watching her face hard decisions through this book made it a compelling read.

I truly loved all the characters in this book. Cassia is a fantastic female lead- strong in her own right, and while she had her irritating quirks, she is relatable and believable. Xander and Ky, oh my. Both guys are fascinating and addicting, even being complete opposites. The side characters all fill in around these three to make a full community, allowing this future world to take shape.

I enjoyed reading this book quite a bit. The writing is very good, flows well, and is very descriptive. This book has a wonderful balance of mystery, suspense, adventure, and character development. Basically, I love this book, I think anyone would enjoy it, and I can't wait to read the sequel!