Hidden - Sophie Jordan I'm really excited about this book! Can't wait! Perfect ending to me: Cassian and Tamra leading the pack- that would be amazing :) With Severin out of the way, however that could happen (would be nice) Cassian could lead the pack and it could be different- a better pack. I think it would be amazing if they found their Dad and could bring him back to their mom. That would be the perfect ending- Dad and mom re-united, with the ekros camp destroyed; Cassian and Tamra leading a new pack, one that's not so cruelly-dictated and harsh; Jacinda and Will together in Cassian's pack, after finding that Will is Draki enough to be accepted, due to whatever secrets lie in his enchanted blood :) That would be perfect :)

I think it would be really sweet if in this book, Cassian finally sees Tamra the way she's always seen him, and they could be together. They fit together sooooo much better anyway- Jacinda isn't right for Cassian- their personalities just don't mesh. But Tamra and Cassian actually would make a great couple, if he'd let Jacinda go. I think he loves her because he's been set on her for so long, but if he really let her go, he would love Tamra back. Plus Jacinda and Will are perfect together :)

Can't wait, I hope it's great :) 2012!