Rising - Holly Kelly Good mermaid stories tend to be difficult to find. With the "Dagonians" and Triton filling the synopsis, this book either had the potential to rock, or bomb. It seemed obvious it would be a variation of a mermaid story, with Greek, and possibly Roman, mythology. I didn't know whether I'd like all of that mixed, but after finishing this book, I'm completely in love with this story!

I think Xanthus is one of my new favorite book heroes. Gorgeous, strong, powerful, honorable, and the perfect image of an epic warrior, what's not to like? Balancing out this herculean Dagonian, is the sweet little Sara. While she's got heart and spirit, she is so incredibly beautiful, kind, sweet and vulnerable, you just want to hug her and make her some cookies. Together, they make a perfectly balanced couple, who take readers on an incredible adventure.

Along with the fascinating match between Xanthus and Sara, this is a story full of danger, complications, action, and a lot of fish. Holly Kelly's writing is hilarious, and incredibly talented. She is able to be jovial and humorous, then glide seamlessly into action and suspenseful events, with writing that flows beautifully. She is a writer who could easily be both an inspiration to other writers, and a favorite author by any reader.

If you haven't guessed, I loved this book, inside and out. I'd recommend this to anyone, but especially fans of love stories, merpeople, mythology, and suspenseful adventure.

*I was given an eCopy of this book, from the author's publisher, Clean Teen Publishing, to read in exchange for an honest review.