Memory's Wake (Memory's Wake Trilogy #1)

Memory's Wake (Memory's Wake Trilogy #1) - Selina Fenech I am in love with this book! This author is so talented, creating such a fantastic story, writing it so well, and drawing such fabulous illustrations to go with it! I have never read a book like this before, both in story, and style. I'm still fairly new to stories of fae and fairies, but this one is definitely at the top of my list.

The characters in this story are simply wonderful. There were so many surprises and twists with each of them, I was constantly gasping and shocked. I'm not sure what I was expecting this story to be when I first started reading it, but after finishing it, I am so thrilled to have had the opportunity to experience this adventure. The illustrations are beyond amazing, and added such wonderful depth to the story, it will be difficult to read a book without them after this.

Well written, full of emotions and surprises, clean in it's subtle romance, and full of humor, this book is sure to entertain any reader, and leave you wanting more. It did me, and I'm so glad there is another book in the series, because I'm not ready for this story to end. I would highly recommend this book to anyone, and will be eagerly looking forward to reading the sequel.

*I was given an eCopy of this book, from the author, to read in exchange for an honest review.

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