Good read - a bit too erotic...

Cup of Sugar - Karla Doyle

Romance, humor and an adorable dog - do you need much more to have a good story? This book is a deep comedic romance, full of holiday fun, a cute dog, and a couple who both have traumatic pasts.


Nia is a typical girly-girl, complete with emotional baggage and a love of all things pink. She's been hurt in her past, and hasn't been able to heal - she simply puts up walls as a defense to future pain and humiliation. At the moment, she is intensely hesitant of getting friendly with her incredibly attractive neighbor, Conn.


Conn has also been hurt in his past, although he's much less hesitant to be more intimate with Nia. In fact, he's tried everything he can think of to lure Nia to him. After months of trying various forms of bate, none of his tactics have worked, so he decides to take charge, and they both learn to trust again.


The main plot of this book is very interesting. The moral, message, and character growth are all wonderful to read about. What I didn't care for, was the strong and constant erotic theme. Unfortunately, I had no warning that this book was erotic, as it's simply listed as part one of a "Contemporary Romance" series. There is no warning or note about the graphic sex scenes.


That one element is my reason for taking a star off. Honestly, if it didn't have all that stuff in it, I would have given it a five star. It is a great story, with deep characters and lots of humor.


If you're alright with erotic stories, you'll most likely enjoy this book. If you're not comfortable with that sort of thing, you may want to pass this book by as a read, or be prepared to skip over several parts of the book, as I did. Overall, skipping the parts that made me uncomfortable made this book a good enough read, and is a series I'd be willing to keep reading.


*I was given an eBook copy of this book, from the author, to read in exchange for an honest review.


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