Just Ella

Just Ella - Annette K. Larsen I always enjoy a sweet romance, as well as fairy tales. What could be better than a sweet, clean fairy tale romance? This enchanting story is set in a fairy-tale kingdom, and follows the life of a malcontent princess. Itching for adventure and distractions from her monotonous life, Ariella befriends an unlikely man, and soon finds her life flipping upside down.

Princess Ariella, or Ella for short, has quickly become one of my favorite fairy-tale princesses. She's strong, adventurous, and follows her heart. The man she meets is an awesome character. Strong and honest, he's able to see past Ella's title, and to the heart everyone else ignores. Together, they encounter suspenseful challenges that test them both, and show them what true love is. Surrounding them are a whole band of quirky and interesting characters, all creating a fantastic fairy-tale kingdom.

Annette K. Larson has created an amazing story with this book. Her writing is some of the best I've read in a while- flowing easily and pulling her readers into a magical world. Overall, I really love this story, and recommend it to anyone who enjoys fairy-tales, woman’s literature, or clean romance.

*I was given an eCopy of this book, from the author, to read in exchange for an honest review.