Introductions (The Academy, #1)

Introductions (The Academy, #1) - C.L. Stone Wow, what a great beginner book for a series! It is, just as the title implies, an introduction- not only to all the various complex characters, but also the the unique situation they're all in, and the mysterious and exclusive "Academy."

The depth of Sang's situation is heart-wrenching, and even more-so with the thought that there are really people who deal with the things she's dealing with. A look into her world, and her thoughts- doubts about her worth and self, especially- is only a small part of what makes this book so dynamic and intriguing.

All seven of "the guys" Sang meets and befriends are just perfect- they each have unique personalities, and are a perfect personification of the 7 typical stereotypical young guys. The nerd/leader, the serious grump/bad boy, the muscle/sweet-heart, the questionable musician, the always chipper passionate, the cocky ladies man, and the fun sporty jock. Each is a perfect depiction of a woman's image of that stereotype (and probably what every guy hopes to be, in one form or another). I found myself making comparisons to the 7 dwarfs from Snow White, and found the similarities to that story amusing. I loved each guy, and their combined concern and protectiveness for Sang makes them all that much more desirable.

The writing is very appealing- easy to read, flows smoothly and naturally. The descriptions are very well written, easily imagined, and depicted beautifully. Not overly wordy, but not something that makes you feel stupid for reading- perfect mix.

Being book one of a four book series, the ground work for the rest of the books was laid out, and very well. It's left me excited to read the rest of the series, and find out what will happen with the Academy, and Sang. I think it has the ability to be one of the next big hit series- certainly something to keep an eye on. Most definitely a book I'd recommend- it would be appealing to most women, young or old, and probably many men as well.

*I was given an ebook copy of this book, by the author, in exchange for an honest review.