Untethered - Katie Hayoz I've never read a plot like this before, and it's certainly a creative one. The idea that of not feeling like you fit in your own skin is one I think most of us experienced as teenagers. In fact, the majority of the things that happen in this book, are things I think most of us can relate to (perhaps, without the obvious paranormal aspects, haha). Mixing that awkward, teenage feeling with astral projection was truly fascinating, and a combination that quickly sparks the imagination.

If given the choices and chances Sylvie had, with the things she was struggling with, who could act much differently? That's a wonderful question that's raised throughout the book, and makes this story completely captivating and moving. Seeing her inner war, and the personal struggles she had to face, brought her to life, and made her struggle real. This is a book that's sure to make anyone stop and think, and look at themselves a little closer.

I really enjoyed each of the characters introduced in this story. Every character is totally different, but also completely believable and relatable. I think anyone could find at least one person to relate to, and would be able to easily identify with this story. The author was able to make each person seem so real, make it so easy to see the situation from each person's point-of-view, and understand where they were each coming from. The way each character grows and changes, and the things they learn, are truly wonderful, and the heart of a great story.

One thing I absolutely loved is the way this book is written! It's one of my favorite writing styles, and in this book, it was done perfectly. It flowed smooth and natural, and made for a quick, wonderful read. The author easily managed to pull me in and make me feel for each character, and become instantly connected to the situation.

I love the overall story that takes place throughout this book, and the challenges that come up for each character. The unexpected turns, situations, and encounters between all the characters are perfect and natural. Filled with laugh-out-loud jokes, suspense, drama and excitement, this is a wonderful book for any YA fan.

*I was given an ebook copy of this book, from the author, to read in exchange for an honest review.