The Secret of Genetic Corp X

The Secret of Genetic Corp X - Shannon McRoberts I mainly read this book as a companion to another book I read and reviewed for Shannon McRoberts, Verses of Athine. While it helped connect several questions in that book, this is still a great stand-alone story, explaining the past of Zara, and what had happened to her, prior to the current time of the book.

The plot was very unique- books set in the future are always interesting, and the explanation of where clones would come from was original to me. Most of the story ended up being bittersweet, but still had a sense of finality and success. With only a few main characters, the story primarily focused on Zara's immediate past, making it a quick little novella.

The writing was alright. Continually leap-frogging the story into the future, then back-tracking to explain what happened, is a style I don't particularly enjoy, but I suppose it is different from most books. It still flowed alright, but the mental whiplash of going back in forward in time took some getting used to, which is why I took a star away. This is certainly a book I'd recommend though, to any fan of clone stories, and especially for anyone who's read, or planning to read Verses of Athine.

*I was given an ebook copy of this book, from the author, to read in exchange for an honest review.