The Mark of Cain (The Cain Chronicles: Book One)

The Mark of Cain (The Cain Chronicles: Book One) - A.D. Seeley When most people think of the Biblical Cain, they simply think of Adam and Eve's son, the first murderer in history. Satisfied with that label, we tend to just leave it at that, dismiss any other thoughts of Cain, and feel saddened by Abel's death. Well, what if we were to take a closer look at Cain? See life from his point of view?

What if Cain never died?

In this incredibly story, the “what if” becomes a reality, where we get a front row seat to Cain's lives throughout history, and see his life today.

Finally able to act on a prophecy from hundreds of years ago, Cain takes joy in the belief that he'll soon best God at His own game. The cherry on top of his thousands of years of doing everything he can to hurt and go against God, and nothing's going to stop him. Taking arrogant pride in turning the life of a young girl into a game, Cain sets out to unravel plans of his rivals, and finally have complete control over the Earth.

Diving into Cain's life, and seeing the world from his point of view, is truly fascinating. Taking on a very similar conspiracy-theory feel as many of Dan Brown's incredible novels, the what-ifs and maybes brought up in this “history” of Cain's life was an adventure I hadn't been expecting. I was constantly impressed with the historical references, and the amount of thought and research that had to have gone into creating this book.

A.D. Seeley certainly did a wonderful job at creating a deep, thought-provoking, and emotion-tapping book. Writing with a style that quickly wraps you up, she very effectively made this one of my favorite books, and is on my list of authors to keep both eyes on.

This story has exhausted every single one of my emotions, in the wonderful way that only a fantastic story can do. These characters pulled me in from the very first sentence, and held on tight til the last word. Connecting to characters in such deep ways, while having a new light shed on history as we know it, made for a truly wonderful read.

This is certainly a book, and I dare say, a series, worth reading. It would hold appeal for fans of most any genre, and has the potential to quickly become a favorite for most readers.

*I was given an ebook copy of this book, by the author, to read in exchange for an honest review.