Star Path

Star Path - Joshua Tate Like any good space-travel sci-fi story, this book has it all. Space-ships, creatures from other worlds, monsters resembling something from a nightmare, time-travel, and a seemingly all-powerful villain.

Written with colorful descriptions of everything possible, this fast paced story keeps you on your toes, and leaves your imagination spiraling well after the last page. Full of deep, relate-able characters, and colorful creatures (both friendly and fierce), this story pulls you in and takes you on an adventure you won't soon forget.

I enjoyed all the characters who were introduced- they were all different and interesting, and several had humor that added a lighter touch to the story. The adventure the four teens are yanked into is certainly original, and the end held a surprise twist that has me looking forward to the sequel. Exploring the worlds and universe created in this book is no disappointment, and something I think any sci-fi fan will enjoy.

While I did enjoy this story overall, I rated it a 3 star for a couple of reasons, taking off a star for each. First, there are many grammatical errors, which don't bother a lot of people, but I find them irritating, and something that pulls me out of the story while I'm reading. The second star was taken because I had an issue with a specific part of the story. Without giving away a spoiler, I'll simply say it seemed like a very important part of the story was skipped over, forgotten, or perhaps rushed to finish the book, which made it seem like a big part of the story was missing.

Beyond those two issues, this book is a solid entertainment, and is a book I'd recommend. Fast paced and full of adventure, the mystery and surprises make it an exciting read. I'd recommend it to any YA/sci-fi fan.

*I was given an ebook copy of this book, by the author, in exchange for an honest review.