Into the Dark, Vol. 4 (Into the Dark, #4)

Into the Dark, Vol. 4 (Into the Dark, #4) - Milly Silver What a fantastic ending!! With such a wonderful set of books ahead of it, this book is the final pillar in Emily's story, promising a fantastic close, and it doesn't disappoint.

The writing is absolutely superb, as with the previous 3 volumes. Well balanced, with the perfect mix of suspense and humor, the story stays fast paced and exciting.

With all the mysteries solved and questions answered, this book gives the perfect closure to this epic story. The twists and surprises are wonderful, and the ending is completely perfect- I couldn't have pictured it any better.

This is a fantastic adventure, and is a series that should be on any YA fan's shelf.

*I was given an ebook copy of this book, by the author, to read in exchange for an honest review.