Open Minds (Mindjack, #1)

Open Minds (Mindjack, #1) - Susan Kaye Quinn In a world where everyone can read minds, it's an oddity to be disconnected from everyone, and have to actually talk to someone to communicate. For Kira Moore, that's exactly what she's dealing with. She's been labeled a Zero, as if being different wasn't bad enough. She's holding out hope for just being a late bloomer though, and changing this year. Being disconnected from everyone seems like the biggest thing going wrong in her life...til she falls into Simon's lap...literally.

Simon's a mind-jacker...someone completely different than everyone else, but much more powerful...and dangerous. Kira quickly finds herself on the government's wanted list for being a mind-jacker herself, and almost over night, her world is torn apart.

Fighting between the need to do what she feels is right, and the need to survive, she goes up against seemingly unbeatable opponents to reveal the truth about the world, and the mistreatment of so many people.

The writing in this book flows fairly well, and with a highly entertaining story, this is sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

I took off a star, because the beginning of the book starts out confusing, throwing the reader into a world with new words that aren't explained, and I had to go back and re-read parts several times to be sure what the author meant, which was frustrating. After giving educated guesses to the words that were made up/changed, the book flowed better, but the changing of important words, to made-up words that didn't make sense, and weren't explained, made the first few chapters frustrating, and I almost didn't keep reading after chapter 3.

I'm glad I did though, because it is a good book. This story is gripping and new, and had me both laughing and crying. I certainly recommend this book to any YA fan.