Rewrite Redemption

Rewrite Redemption - J.H. Walker The idea of time traveling is exciting, right? Only if you're controlling it...being unexpectedly yanked into the past against your will, that's just terrifying. That's what A.J. deals with, every few months. Except, the trips are happening more frequently...and she's staying in the past longer.

Hiding behind her walls of rules, shielding herself from people, she quietly deals with the guilt of her mother's death, and her father's depression. Living in her tree-house with her two best friends is her only source of happiness- without Lex and Ipod, she may not be able to handle her curse...

Constantine, on the other hand, loves traveling back in time. He does it on purpose, though, and is part of a guild who taught him to use his abilities. They also punished him when he abused his ability, leaving his brother paralyzed. When his parents move to a different state to start fresh, he desperately tries to cope with the guilt of his little brother's new hardship in life, while not losing his sanity being away from his tree.

His world flips upside down (again) when he meets this shy, quiet, remarkable girl, who has an effect on him he wasn't expecting- like someone from the guild...only, she's not registered. She's a shadow, and possibly the only hope for his family's happiness.

While A.J. usually tries to stay away from everyone at school, she can't get the new boy out of her mind. Or the weird effect he had on her- including her passing out, and she's sure it was because of something he did to her. Who is this new guy, and why is he so interested in her?

This book is full of secrets and exciting twists. Just when you think you know what'll happen next, everything shifts, leaving you on a new set of surprises. Each chapter switches between the points of view of A.J. and Constantine, giving the story a well rounded depth, not found in many series. With brilliant, natural writing, this book captures you from the first page, and doesn't let you go until the last word. Even then, it leaves you desperate for more!

The warm, deep characters quickly draw you in, and make you part of their world. The incredible message in this story, that family isn't always blood, is shown in one of the best stories ever created. With deep influences of music, nature and science, this is by far one of the best books you'll ever read, and should be on the shelf of every YA fan.

I LOVED this book!! Totally perfect, I couldn't have imagined anything better happening than what was written. I love the depth and the links to music and science, to nature and the strength of friendship, and the idea that family isn't always blood...I adore that theme...

For sure one of my favorite books now, and one I plan on reading many more times in the future. :)