Forever Yours - Part Two (#2)

Forever Yours - Part Two  (#2) - Deila Longford The second part of this series is needed for the story to continue, but out of the 4 novellas, this is my least favorite. Highly predictable, not edited, and the characters are incredibly annoying.

This seems like a novella (and the whole series, really) for people who didn't like the Twilight series, and want an anti-Twilight plot. The main male character is a jerk, and not someone any self-respecting girl would want to be with. Because of that, and her incredibly irritating personality, Rose simply seems stupid, desperate, and needy. Unlike Bella in the Twilight story, Rose hasn't thought anything through, and she's irritating for more shallow and vacant reasons than Bella.

I'm still leaving it 2 stars, because the ending left me with some hope that the next installment will be better, and I'm still reading the series. I may come to regret that decision...

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