Talented (Talented #1)

Talented (Talented #1) - Sophie  Davis Exciting, action-packed, full of surprises, amazing characters, and wonderful writing. These are just a few words to describe this fantastic book.

Set in the not-so-distant future, this dystopian novel lays out a world changed from chemical spills. The effects not only changed the land, but the humans as well- with everyone having special abilities and the country stuck in a Civil War, what is there to do but fight?

Even among gifted and Talented people, Talia is special. With strong mental abilities, she is being trained as a weapon to fight the rebels and bring an end to the Civil War- but is she on the right side?

Fighting to avenge her parent's murder, Talia focuses on one thing: training. The desires to get stronger, become a spy, and kill the rebel leader who killed her family fill her mind. With her best friend/boy friend, Donavon, by her side, everything's going according to plan.

Until he betrays her trust, and breaks her heart.

Trying to keep her world from crumbling, she trains harder, goes on more missions, and relies on her new friend, Penny, and her team-mates. Especially the strong and always-there-for-her Erik.

Surprises and uncovered lies start popping up everywhere, and nothing is what it seems. Can Talia sort out the lies, and follow her heart? Or will orders rule her actions, and keep her from the truth, and love?

I recommend this book to any YA fan, esp those who enjoy action packed books with strong female leads.