Firelight - Sophie Jordan I've never read a book with dragons as the main characters before, so I really didn't know what to expect with this book. The synopsis sounded really interesting, and the cover is simply gorgeous! Well, let me tell you, this book blew my socks off!!

This story is one I immediately fell in love with. Jacinda is such a strong and spirited person, and someone you immediately want to be connected to. The struggles and challenges she deals with, being watched all the time because of a gift she didn't choose, quickly make her an amazing female lead. The dynamics between her and her family, as well as her and the rest of the pride, give this story a quality I truly adored.

I love all the characters, completely. Jacinda and Tamra are addicting, and while you want to side with one or the other, you find yourself agreeing with them both, feeling just as torn as they are. The hunters definitely become people you love to hate, and kinda hope they get smacked by someone! Cassian and Will are both addicting and wonderful, in their own ways. The choices each character makes, throwing this story into suspense-filled twists and turns is absolutely fantastic, and makes for an intense read.

I adore the writing in this book, and the culture and world Sophie Jordan created in this story. While I took off a star for some parts of the book I didn't personally care for, I am now an official fan of dragon tales, because of this amazing book. This has quickly become a permanent favorite on my shelves, and is a story that I know will stick with me for a long time to come.