Anybody Out There?

Anybody Out There?  - Marian Keyes I picked up this book many years ago, mainly because I liked the cute cover. I read it several years ago (a few years after picking it up originally), and was surprised by the twist in the middle.

In all honesty, once I got to the shocker twist, I simply skimmed the last few chapters, and read the end to try and feel better. I decided not to thoroughly read the rest of the book, because it just made me very sad. I'm not one for shockers like this, with emotional heart-break and that sort of thing. Reality is full of enough pain, and I don't enjoy reading about someone else's.

All that being said, this book was written, and it was ok. Two stars makes it seem really negative, but since everywhere lists two stars as "it was ok" then that's what I'll stick with. It wasn't horrible, and I would recommend it if it sounds interesting to you. I would put the warning out there though, it is a realistic fiction, and not a happy one.