Shattered - Sandra Madera, Susan Blevins The first thing that attracted me to this book, was honestly the cover. It's eye-catching and unique, and mixed with a synopsis that promises a good mystery, it seemed like something worth reading.

While it is listed as a "short story," I think I would probably categorize it as a novella. There are several characters the story follows, and it definitely has some intense and suspense-filled situations. The mystery of who killed the twin is awesome, and was very well done. I had no clue who it was until the last chapter, which left me biting my nails and had my stomach in knots.

I enjoyed Sandra Madera's writing style. It was quick, and she described the characters and surroundings very well. My only complaint, was the fact that in some places, especially in the high-suspense scenes, the author took the time to detail and describe things that I didn't really need to know, and it pulled me out of the intensity that scene was supposed to have. Some readers may enjoy knowing the color of the couch at the climax of the story, but I'm more of a "get to the action" reader, which is the reason for the four stars, instead of five. For a stand-alone mystery though, it was very good, and is one I would certainly recommend.