The Santa Claus League

The Santa Claus League - Stephen D. Miller Most people love Christmas, and the Holiday Season. I'm one of those people, through and through. I love everything about Christmas- I love celebrating the birth of Jesus, Winter is my favorite season, December is my favorite month, and living at the North Pole would make me incredibly happy. Most of all, I love curling up in front of the fire, with a cup of hot chocolate and a good book. I love books about Christmas, and now, I have a new favorite to add to the collection: The Santa Claus League.

I adore this book! The story in these pages is fantastic- it's exciting, sweet, magical, and completely wonderful. The twists Stephen Miller put on Christmas and Santa Claus are very creative, and sent my imagination whirling. The true love story between Mason and Julia is touching, and I loved watching them grow together. Along with their friend John, the three of them go on a fantastic adventure, taking on evil and learning more about Christmas Magic than they'd ever dreamed.

What I really love about this book though, is the overall message. That Christmas is about sacrifice and love, being selfless and kind, in spite of everything the world throws at you. It's a truly inspiring message, and I loved seeing that message put to action in this amazing adventure.

Mr. Miller is a fantastic writer. The story he's created is amazing, and I loved the details and descriptions he had for everything. From Santa's pocket-watch, to The North Pole, this book is truly filled with magic. I can't wait for the sequel to this story, so I can read more about Mason, Julia and John, and the incredible adventures they find, while living every day as if it were Christmas. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good Christmas story, because this is sure to become a fast favorite, and possibly a true classic.

*I was given an eCopy of this book, from the author's publisher (V&E Enterprises), to read in exchange for an honest review.

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