Firebolt - Adrienne  Woods For the most part, fiction books can be put in one of two categories: those that are completely original, and don't sound like other books; and those that remind you of other series, and seem somewhat parallel in plot. Most of the time, the latter category annoys me. I enjoy a book that's original, and doesn't sound copied from something else. Now, after reading Firebolt, I have a book that fits in the second category, but is one I actually really enjoyed.

The main points of this plot remind me, in multiple ways, of the Harry Potter story. Several other details of the story and plot were reminiscent of the Firelight series, by Sophie Jordan, which is one of my favorite series. The combination is awesome, and made for a wonderful adventure. While I could easily see the similarities to other the stories, this book is still original enough to be very interesting, and left me craving to know what will happen next.

Most of us miss the Harry Potter phenomenon, and wish more books about his story would be written. That probably won't happen, so instead, all of us H.P. fans have a new series- The Dragonian Series! Following a girl instead of a boy, this book introduces a world hidden from our every-day view, but still effected by humans. Because of a mark that makes her unique and special, she finds herself in an extraordinary school, with new friends, learning that supernatural, paranormal fairy-tales really do exist. Braving all odds, she does what few others have been able to do, and is able to help save the world from ultimate evil...for now. The adventure she sets out on is exciting, nerve-wracking, and will cause some serious nail-biting.

I enjoyed Adrienne Woods's writing quite a bit. She kept the story flowing very well, and created a solid foundation for this series. I enjoyed all of the characters, and several of them surprised me throughout the book. I enjoyed the light romance between Elena and Lucian, and enjoyed the mystery and danger surrounding Blake. I also loved the "For the love of blueberries" lines- the cute humor Mrs. Woods adds to the story is wonderful. I am looking forward to the sequel, and can't wait to see what happens with these fascinating characters! I would recommend this book to any YA, Paranormal, Supernatural, Harry Potter, Dragon or magic fan- basically, anyone who enjoys a good adventure.

*I was given an eARC copy of this book, from the author via Read Between the Lines Book Tours, to read in exchange for an honest review.

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