The Iron Queen (Daughters of Zeus)

The Iron Queen - Kaitlin Bevis Wow. That's really all I can say after finishing this series- wow.

This incredible adventure Persephone and Hades have been on together, has been simply fantastic. With so many ups and downs, the drama of their story is wrapped into this final book. The grief, pain, angst, love, and loss in this series, and especially this book, is perfect for a Greek tragedy. I found myself shocked, happy, sad, and in the end, torn and simply left emotionally exhausted, in the way a great book leaves you.

It's always difficult to write a review for the third book in the series, when trying to avoid spoilers. Following Greek mythological creatures, in a modern world, makes for a fascinating story. These characters are famous in their own rights, and after this story, you'll never think of any of them the same way again. This is obviously a book you can read only after reading the first two in the series. It is, however, a series and a book I would recommend to anyone who enjoys dramatic adventures, based on Greek mythology.

*I was given an eBook copy, from the author, to read in exchange for an honest review.

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