History, Adventure and Romance

Cossacks In Paris - Jeffrey Perren

"Cossacks in Paris" is a very simple title, for such a deep book. Between the political conflict, personal conflict, human drama, and following true world-changing history, this book is certainly one you get lost in. It sucks you in and keeps your attention throughout the book, not letting up until the very end. 

Mr. Perren did a fantastic job with this book. He takes his readers on an amazing adventure that puts them up close and personal with the main ringleaders of the War of 1812. He forces you think about this intense dramatic event as something more than just random, distant facts on a piece of paper. He makes it real, and truly makes you feel as though you're experiencing the events fold out in real time.

More than just the events, are the people involved. The descriptions of the characters and their personalities are fantastic, and I loved learning about each one. Mr. Perren did an excellent job in describing them all, and it's obvious he put a lot of effort and time into every detail of this book. I very much enjoyed reading from several different points of view, and seeing an epic conflict unfold from various angles. 

While reading this book, I told my husband many times how "It feels like I'm reading a documentary!" When I say documentary, I mean one of those really good ones- the kind you actually like watching, and one that keeps you completely enthralled. This book is just that, and I think even better- a film would be hard pressed to beat the entertainment and craftsmanship of this book.

I would definitely recommend this book, especially to anyone who enjoys historical novels. This isn't one that will bore you at all- it will have you biting your nails, feeling the emotion of the characters, and the tension created by Napoleon and Czar Alexander. 

*I was given an eBook copy, from the author, to read in exchange for an honest review.